A quick-guide to dodge the algorithm using AdBlock

When you’re considering spending less time on social media, one click could lead to hours of wasted time. When you get on YouTube, you will get so many recommendations that you get sucked into the algorithm and use it more and more. I would like to give some huge tips that helped be a lot reduce my time on socials like YouTube, Twitch and even LinkedIn.


A site blocker can work for you, but for most people it is a bit extreme and you can switch it of quite easily. I mean there are some extreme ones, also for your phone that would lock you out completely but I don’t really trust them.

Over the years I’ve been using AdBlocker like a lot of us do, which blocks most ads from different websites. But there is also an extra option where you can right click an ad that wasn’t blocked automatically, and block it anyways.


Therefore, you can right click any part of a page and block it off. I currently use this AdBlocker for Chrome.


Let me give you an example. This is my recommendations page (homepage) on YouTube. All these videos are interesting to me, so I want to block those off. I mean I can always unblock them anyways.




When I right click on the recommendation section, you can click on block this ad:



youtjube 2

Then a pop-up shows up. You can use the slider to see what part will be blocked and to increase the blocked part. 

youtjube 3


And now my page looks like this.


youtube 4


This is just one of the many examples, here are some others:
– YOUTUBE: I removed the comment section under a video and also the recommendation section from a video. I even blocked the recommendation section you see within a video.

– TWITCH : I removed the recommended list on the left of the screen and the search bar.


And you can do the same for recommendation sections for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, whatever.

I hope this helps!