Supermarket – Bobby Hall

I’ve been quite curious about the fictional book ‘Supermarket’ because it is written by Bobby Hall, also called Logic. Bobby is a highly successful rapper/musician and has always been a creative genius. I admire his music and therefore was curious about him writing a book. It’s a challenging step in his career but he has done a really excellent job. 

Supermarket is about a boy called Finn who lives alone with his mom. He wants to be a writer but isn’t able to land a book deal. After a breakup with his girlfriend Lola, he spirals downward into a depression. But he finds the courage again to start writing again and needs the inspiration to create his main character. So he applies for a job at a supermarket and meets a boy called Frank who he thinks is suitable for his main character. Finn gets a bit obsessed about this character and while working at the supermarket he gets another girlfriend. So life starts to get good. But after a while, Frank isn’t who Finn thought he was and he gets in trouble with his girlfriend because of him. 

The book has hints to self-help which I enjoyed. Also, at first, the book seems a bit normal and you’re kind of waiting for something to happen. The beginning is fun to read, but eventually, something happens that sort of blows your mind. Though I’ll keep that a secret for you to read! Supermarket is a great novel for fun or to improve your English. I think most people have heard of Logic too, so if you like to read or if you want to start reading again, this one is great!

Thanks for reading,