Welcome to my blog!

Go to LIFE and BOOKS or scroll down for my articles. Go to MEDIUM for articles exclusively on medium. The READING LIST contains the books I’ve read and my current wish list and MY MUSIC contains music I’ve produced.

I am Wouter, a Dutch MSc Computer Science graduate from a small town called Bovenkarspel, but currently living in Amsterdam. Music is something that I’ve always liked and next to that I have a passion for reading, writing, and Computer Science. Since the passing of one of my best friends in 2016, my view on life matured. It was by far the toughest period I’ve been through and after about half a year, I realized I wanted to switch things up. In the span of a year, I went abroad to do a minor in Computer Science in Finland and I went to Australia by myself to visit a friend. All the fun times I had caused an increase in motivation to learn again. Hence I bought some books to read on my way home. This started my reading habit. At the same time, I discovered Medium. I read mostly self-help articles and it sparked my interest to write myself. Thus, I created an account and wrote an article. That started my writing hobby. 

I hope I can help you become a better person by providing you my insights and experiences. On the books page, you can read about some of the books I’ve finished. You might not read yourself, but there may be some wisdom I can offer. On top of the menu, you can find my socials including Medium, Codesignal, Instagram and more.

Thanks for checking out my blog!
– Wouter